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Are You Succession Planning? 18 06 24

Are You Succession Planning? 18 06 24

Are you Succession Planning? Listen here Succession planning is a strategic process to ensure that a business can continue to operate smoothly even when key employees leave or retire. Use these guidelines to help you to create a robust succession plan within your...

Are Your Supply Chains Working?

Are your supply chains working? Listen here Speaking with an eminent University Lecturer recently, and the current word on the street, is “are your supply chains working properly”! It thus seemed appropriate to use for our weekly focus! Ensuring your supply chains are...

Bouncing Back From Disappointment 21 05 24

Bouncing back from disappointment Listen here This week’s focus is very personal and relevant to me. Some years ago, I wrote a number of articles for British Athletics on sports psychology…this was the start of my journey working with a group of Kenyan...

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