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Negotiation Skills Tips 14 09 21

Weekly Focus “Negotiation Skills Tips” Listen here The term “Negotiation” can mean so many things to so many people…Perhaps in itself that sums the whole thing up! It is never straightforward…Or is it…and should it be! Ultimately, negotiation can go a long way to...

Top tips for successful appraisals 07 09 21

Top tips for successful appraisals Listen here First of all, one reminder…An appraisal should simply be a summary of your previous 12 months “month end discussions”. Successful Leaders coach all of the time…sometimes more formally in 121s, on other occasions during...

Managing Conflict with Customers 24 08 21

Managing Conflict with Customers Listen here In the perfect world, we never want to find ourselves in this situation, but the reality is that due to a number of scenarios, including…poor service, unreasonable expectations on both sides, mis-selling and the wrong...

Energy Patterns- Don’t waste them 10 08 21

Energy Patterns…Don’t waste them! Listen here How would it be…how would it feel if we had unlimited energy in the workplace and then that the energy was contagious? A buzz around the office, a “can do” mentality? How do we then create that energy? What has to happen,...

Time to welcome a summer break 27 07 21

Time to welcome a summer break… We all need some downtime! Listen here The analogy that I am about to make applies to all of us! In addition to working in business, my work takes me into the world of sport and athletics. In October I fly to Kenya to be with a group of...

Do Leaders Have a Shelf Life? 20 07 21

Do Leaders have a shelf Life? Or do they have to evolve themselves? Listen here Reading the sports pages of the papers on a regular basis, you constantly read of all the managerial casualties in the world of football. Any appointment has an element of risk…It happens...


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