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Networking what’s it all about? 21 06 22

Networking…what’s it all about? Listen here If we look at the dictionary definition, we see…” The action or process of interacting with others to exchange information and develop professional or social contacts.” Let me give you two personal examples. The first was a...

Growing & Maintaining Resilience 24 05 22

Growing & Maintaining Resilience Listen here First of all, let’s consider the definition…Personal resilience refers to how we handle difficult situations, and which are usually over a period of time. It’s how we react and bounce back. During any period of adversity,...

How To Be A Great Problem Solver! 10 05 22

How to be a great problem solver! Listen here Problem-solving skills are essential in all walks of life. Sometimes it’s only an actual problem that causes you to take a long hard look at the business! Problem-solving skills help you solve issues quickly and...

Have you got a high work ethic? 03 05 22

Have you got a high work ethic? Let’s first of all think of the definition… Listen here A good work ethic is an individual’s desire to do their best and be productive. They get on, and get the job done! It also includes the ability to self-manage, and to help others...


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