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Time to welcome a summer break 27 07 21

Time to welcome a summer break… We all need some downtime! Listen here The analogy that I am about to make applies to all of us! In addition to working in business, my work takes me into the world of sport and athletics. In October I fly to Kenya to be with a group of...

Do Leaders Have a Shelf Life? 20 07 21

Do Leaders have a shelf Life? Or do they have to evolve themselves? Listen here Reading the sports pages of the papers on a regular basis, you constantly read of all the managerial casualties in the world of football. Any appointment has an element of risk…It happens...

Presenting with confidence 22 06 21

Presenting with confidence… There is an actor in all of us! Listen here You may find the title strange…Surely the whole point is about being authentic, genuine and sincere!  Well of course, but you can also be an actor when you first start either presenting to an...


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