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How well do you know your customers? 27 04 21

How well do you know your customers? Or worse, your employees! Listen here If ever there was an answer to the above and for all of the wrong reasons, then the recent days and the proposed break away European Super League proposal takes some beating! Gerald Ratner also...

Vision.. Mission & Values 20 04 21

Vision…Mission & Values The importance to every business. Listen here Warm and fluffy, or defined and articulated in such a way that everyone understands. How do you describe the “big picture”, visualising and describing exactly what your business is there for (it’s...

Returning to the office 30 03 21

Returning to the office…That’s great. Or is it? Listen here The Global pandemic has changed our working practices for the last twelve months…Furlough, home working and for some, a combination of both. Returning to work after furlough has been strange for some. For...


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