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Solution Focused Response To COVID-19

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The Solution Focused Team


Business Programmes

(Most Requested)

Achieving Peak Performance During Difficult Times

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Learn how to generate Peak Performance using Emotional Intelligence and the T.E.A.R. (Thinking, Emotions, Actions, Results) cycle for sustainable change and maximum results.


Keeping Your Team Motivated During Difficult Times 

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Some of your team may be furloughed, some maybe working from home, others working in a very different way. Understand how to generate and maintain ‘Towards’ motivation during these challenging times.


POMO – Getting Into The Position Of Most Opportunity =      Maxium Productivity

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Some things maybe on hold at the moment and you maybe working differently but will still need to know how we can get into the Position Of Most Opportunity ready for the return from lockdown. NOW IS THE TIME!


Acting For The Future Rather Than Now 

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Many businesses simply can not trade or take little action currently due to COVID-19. Lets use this time now to plan and prioritise to move the organisation foward and become productive as soon as possible.



Business Programmes

(Most Requested)

Maintaining Great Customer Relationship (Especially NOW)

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Keeping in touch with your customers is KEY especially now. Some of our clients have found it challenging to find reasons to contact their customers! We took them through the above course and the benefits were fantastic!


Keeping Your Sales Team Motivated & Productive 

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Sales teams seem to be most hit in organisations due to the fact that no one is buying! This programme educates how to keep your sales team motivated and ready to increase sales again!


Leadership Has Changed, Have you? (Leadership Skills For Now)

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Virtual Leadership is a very different set of skills compared to traditional leadership. Physical distancing is likley to be with us for some time over the next 12 months. Learn how to lead from a distance for success.


Generating & Maintaining a Solution Focused Mindset

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Learn how to keep a Solution Focused Mind set rather than a Problem Focused Mindset! With the current changes to the world how will you generate new ways of thinking and workiing for success?


 Core Programmes
Delivery: Face To Face Or Live Online

Generating Peak Performance

– Solution Focused Thinking 

– Cognitive Behaviour 

– Influencing Skills 

– Confidence Building

– Relationship Building

– Presentation Skills 

– Mindfulness At Work 

– Energy Managment

–  Effective Communication

– Creative/ Possibility Thinking

– Neuro Linguistic Programming

– Customer Service Excellence

– Effective Selling Skills

– Account Managment Excellence


Solution Focused Leadership

– New Leadership Skills

– Inspirational Leadership

– Influencing For Leaders

– Situation Leadership 

– Building Team Morale 

– Delegation v Empowerment 

– Effective Feedback 

– Energy Management 

– Coaching Skills For Leaders

– 121/ Appraisals

– Leadership Responsibility

– Employee Engagement

 – 121 Executive Coaching

– Business Facilitation


High Performing Teams (HPT)

– Generating a HPT

– Team Roles (Belbin)

– Personality Types

– Team Standards 

– Creating a Teamship Charter

– Building Relationships

–  Team Goals/Direction

– Interpersonal Behaviour 

– Team Communication 

– Conflict Management

– Leading A HPT

– Team Facilitation

– Team Creative Thinking Tools

– Effective Team Leadership


Change & Transition 

– Change V Transition

– The 5 Stages Of Change

– It’s Ok Not To Be OK

– Sabotage During Change

– Getting ‘Stuck In The Rut’

– Leading Change

–  Reason for Negative Change

– Key Tools For Effective Change

– Kotter 8 Steps Of Change

– Conflict During Change

– The Change Train

– Communication During Change

– Managing Conflict

– Change & Motivational Needs


Live Examples:

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(Dealing With Change)

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(POMO – Position Of Most Opportunity)

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(Solution Focused Mindset)

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(Customer Profiles)

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(Not Social Distancing)

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(Embrace The Video Call)

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Who are your training consultants?

John Bullock

John Bullock

I would highly recommend John as a creative management coach that can help you harness the power of your organization and move well beyond traditional thinking. John has had superb success with our company in various settings and cultures. Everyone I have talked to about their experience with John agrees that he has both the knowledge, dynamic and methodology to work with people and get at the heart of what makes us want to succeed and provides a clear and logical way of getting there. I look forward to the next time we work together.

Andrew Robinson

Global Purchasing Executive – at Rolls-Royce

More About John….

Nick Bishop

Nick Bishop

Nick Bishop is a brilliant and smart training consultant. He knows his work and is a great speaker. He speaks clearly and you understand everything. I recommend any company to come and listen to him or invite him anytime. He’s the best.

African Management Corporation

More About Nick….

Richard Burckard

Richard Burckard

We engaged Richard to assist us with a substantial program of change in our team; the results achieved so far speak for themselves. Richard is a highly dynamic and inspirational coach, with many years of experience which has added significant value to our change program. We are still on our journey; we continue to gain ground as a consequence of Richards high energy, commitment to our objectives and insight into ways of to approaching life, business and the universe differently

Martin Brown

Jaguar Land Rover

More About Richard….

We ran Whirlpool’s Leadership Conference, check out what they said!

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