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What’s Your Attitude To Life? 19 04 22

WEEKLY FOCUS What’s your attitude to life? And it’s completely linked to work! Listen here The way that we think about ourselves in both our social and our working lives is linked in a bigger way than we perceive! To live a happy and a healthy life is closely linked...

Recruitment and Selection Tips 05 04 22

Recruitment & Selection Tips Listen here In theory, it's straightforward…someone leaves and you just replace them…possibly internally, sometimes externally. You place an advert and off you go! When anyone leaves, it's worth considering…why did they leave and is that...

Reigniting Relationships 26 04 22

WEEKLY FOCUS Reigniting Relationships It’s great to reconnect!  Listen here In the increasingly fast paced environments in which we all live, it’s too easy to lose touch with people…What a shame. Relationships are so important in all walks of life…Personal and of...

The Importance of a Teamship Charter 29 03 22

The importance of a “Teamship” Charter! Listen here   The use of the term “Teamship” dates back to Sir Clive Woodward and the England Rugby Union Word Cup winning team in 2003. His thinking… “Other coaches before me had asked themselves ‘How can we be victorious with...

Diversity and Inclusion 01 03 22

Diversity and Inclusion…. What’s it all about!? Listen here In the modern world, it’s a phrase that is ever more used, and also worth explaining as we head towards International Women’s Day on Tuesday 8th March. While the phrase is increasingly prevalent in the...

A Storm Can Happen At Any Time 22 02 22

A storm can happen at any time… Is your business prepared? Listen here Storm clouds can appear at any time and with little notice…for some the outcome can be catastrophic, yet with some robust planning, the end outcomes can be very often mitigated. Every business...


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