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The Importance of Business Processes 12 09 23

The importance of business processes…no more break outs please! Listen here The high-profile escape of an inmate from Wandsworth Prison, demonstrates the need for sound procedures…This is to make sure all processes include a combination of interlinked steps. Think of...

Holiday Blues 15 08 23

Holiday Blues It need not be that way! Listen here Downtime…A time to relax and enjoy precious time with friends and loved ones…Lazy lie ins, holidays…Whatever you wish! The reality is that the return to work is inevitable! Its also how we earn our living and pay for...

Learning From Failure 08 08 23

Learning from failure… To make you stronger, wiser, and more resilient! Listen here Learning from failure helps to develop you as a person! Failures don’t define you, and in order to succeed, we all need to fail at some point. One American CEO always asked in job...

Do Leaders Need Natural Churn? 31 07 23

Do Leaders need natural churn? Or do they have to evolve themselves? Listen here Reading the sports pages of the papers on a regular basis, you constantly read of all the managerial casualties in the world of football. Any appointment has an element of risk…It happens...

Coping With Adversity 25 07 23

Coping with adversity… Something that we will all face at some point! Listen here What do individuals need to do to better to cope and then manage adversity? We will all be faced with this situation at some point! It’s important to have a plan…and one that you can...


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