Fear or Apathy? and what about Pride?

Nick Bishop

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Outside of The Solution Focused business, I carry out a number of roles within the Athletics Community, some with UK Athletics and others at Regional Level.
One of my roles is as a Selector and Team Manager for the Cheshire County Senior Teams in the UK Inter County Fell Running Championships.

Now, perhaps I take a more old-fashioned outlook. When I was a County Runner, it was always an honour to be selected. To receive the letter and to wear the County vest! The pride of it!

This year, one of those selected replied to me saying that they did not want to take up the offer, preferring to run in a low key club race on the same day. Compare that to another runner whose reply was a joy to receive…I could feel her excitement in the reply, also commenting on the nerves of appearing in The Championships. Incidentally it would have been a first County Vest for both of them…Just the one now. So it made me think

What does each of us want for ourselves?

To be the very best that we can be in our chosen field?

Doing all that we can to make constant improvements in ourselves (The hard yards of training).

To strive daily to push ourselves on (No fear of failure and running without fear)

To be brave in our decision making (Having the confidence to overtake when reason may say otherwise)

Or to muddle through and never quite reach our potential. To turn down challenges when offered?

And what about fear?
The fear of failure…Of not running to your potential? Not performing in the workplace when offered a promotion.

What a shame to not strive to be our best and be proud of our achievements!
A County vest does not come along often!

Every day offers each of us such opportunity. Look for all the great challenges in your lives…Meet them head on. Never say that you did not give it your best shot.

“You did not wake up today to be mediocre!”