It’s time to celebrate…

Look back on the year with pride! Listen here

At this time of the year and with the festivities nearly on us, is time to celebrate…but do we always need to wait for traditional days/events to celebrate?

The importance of celebration is to recognise someone or a specific event, and to recognise the significance.
At a personal level, many people will set “personal goals” and with defined end outcomes. Often this will be in the New Year…based on the goal itself, there may also be landmarks along the way. It’s important to celebrate these…personal recognition. I often tell people about the 5.00pm Friday syndrome. People leave the workplace…Work done for the week. Sadly, many will beat themselves up about the 5% that was not quite right…Always failing to pat themselves on the back for a job well done…The 95%!

Money is the main reason why we go to work. There are exceptions.
An important part of the role of Leaders and of teams themselves is to recognise achievements…These can be more at macro level (month end or annual results) or micro level (the now).

Similarly, promotions as they occur. A time to celebrate.
Praise has to be genuine and meaningful. Also given in a timely manner. This can be as a result of seemingly small yet significant events. An employee going the extra mile. An employee turning a complaint and loss of business into a happy customer and additional business!

There needs to be consistency also. Praise and celebration for the right reasons! We are now talking “Cause & Effect” …People recognising the stimuli of praise and wanting to go and repeat the action.

Employee engagement is perhaps the most critical factor in staff retention and the success of a business. Always remember…Money is expected…The greater motivator is recognising success and giving praise.

Celebrating success needs to be an important part of every business…And should involve everyone. Don’t just wait for this time of the year!

“All our dreams can come true if we have the courage to pursue them”

Walt Disney