CV19…A gradual return to work…

Will your business hit the ground running?
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Without overstating our current world, we are all experiencing a situation that just months ago, we would never have considered. So too, the measures that have had to be taken.

Most employees fall into the following categories…
Still working
Still working but from home

Mix into the equation social distancing in everything that we do, and it’s patently obvious that whatever shape or form a return to work may look like…Phased, en masse, working from home, working remotely etc.…That a culture shock will take place for many of us.

Similarly, while the lock down has been challenging for most of us, while a return to normality is sought, the recent warm weather has created a “comfort blanket”. We struggle to remember what day it is and a degree of malaise has set in.

Fast forward to our return to work, and this will feel very strange…And at a time when business will be desperate to hit the ground running and attempt to make up the lost ground.

Outside of my normal business, I coach endurance athletes as a UKA Coach…Many are County Athletes. The key session for them is the interval session on the track, in small groups, lung bursting efforts. Now they are training in isolation with good natural fitness maintained but without the “key sessions” that really add the critical edge…When we resume, it will take some weeks to recover that.

The Big Question…
How will you get your employees “work fit” in readiness for the return?
When they physically step back into the workplace, what will you do to make sure that they seamlessly slot back into action as quickly as possible!
Will there have been changes made to procedures due to CV19?
Will some of the roles & personnel have changed?

While new employees will in the main have a planned induction, will you have a similar low key session and which may require the plans for the coming months which may include revised (up and down) targets, revised working arrangements etc.

How will you help to facilitate the return to work, as seamlessly as possible, and in a way that engages with your people.

How you handle the process, will have a huge effect on the future success of the business.

“The time to repair the roof is when the sun is shining”.