As restrictions finally get lifted,

what opportunities will this present you?
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Wow, think back to January of last year…news coming out of China of a new virus and with the thinking that this may have started in the markets of Wuhan. Initially, we paid little interest aside from acknowledging how shocking this seemed…Move on two months and we ourselves suddenly became part of this Global pandemic.
Some eighteen months later, there are signs that the end is in sight…albeit with some initial changes in how we live our lives.

The question…what opportunities will this present you?
Consider first your teams…Some may have spent considerable time on furlough. Many will have worked from home…how will the latter develop? You may even have some team members that you have not met yet!

Perhaps a degree of consolidation is needed…where are we now…what is our team…what are the dynamics…the “strengths and weaknesses”? Tuckman’s model is a great example of how teams come together and develop…From forming through storming to norming and finally performing. How will you ensure that the dynamics of your teams are used to best effect?

Johari’s window is another model which can be used to improve communication between group members and to enhance the individual’s perception of others. Vital to help to ensure that your teams work harmoniously together, never more important given the last eighteen months.

Your newer recruits…finally a chance to really understand their aspirations and how to develop them to achieve both personal and business goals.
Every person enthused and ready to make a telling contribution…then ask yourself…
What will my customer look like and similarly want in the new world?
Are there new areas that we can consider moving into?
Do I need to look at how I best deploy my resources?
Is the shifting landscape here to stay or for the short to medium term?
Does my business plan reflect any changes that may need to be made?
Those that plan carefully and involve their teams…prepared to be bold while conscious of risk, will find new opportunities to prosper!

“Our most significant opportunities will be found in times of greatest difficulty.”