Building Resilience

It’s what makes us stronger! Listen here

Personal resilience refers to the ability of an individual to sustain high performance and positive wellbeing in the face of adversity, and to recover from misfortune or adapt to circumstances.  The question then of course becomes how to build resilience…In turn, allowing individuals to maintain their commitment and performance in changing or challenging situations.

Resilience is about our ability to bounce back…take the punches and get up again! How we cope with the inevitable challenges of life. In part, that is the key! Resilience does not focus on any huge event, but more often the small things that we need to tackle daily…thus preventing a situation getting out of control…perhaps we should be more pro-active and prevent the bigger problems happening!

One model is ABC…Adversity/Beliefs/Consequences…finding yourself in a challenging situation (A)…How we interpret the situation, (B) always remembering that we live our lives based on our perceptions of reality and not necessarily the truth. Finally (C), what you choose to do and the consequences.
First of all, it’s important to pull on all of the facts…As much information as you can. Then to look at your resources and network. There are 7 billion people on this earth. Your situation won’t be unique, and people will have encountered similar situations before! Work out your options and talk with people…95% of what we worry about never materializes!

At the crux of this is then our own Solution Focused Model…The T.E.A.R Cycle…How our thinking effects our emotions, the actions that we take and the results that we get. It starts with our conditioning…Our own internal self-talk…We can have helpful self-talk and hindering self-talk. The former will help with our resilience, while the latter will damage it!

Our mind thus becomes the key to both increasing our resilience and also the number of times that we need to be resilient! Always remember that our self-talk builds up our picture of reality. Change your self-talk…build affirmations…paint positive word pictures, and you will have made a great start!

As we become more resilient, we build our own immunity system, and our self- talk will automatically change for the better!

“Do not judge me by my success, judge me by how many times I fell down and got back up again.”
Nelson Mandela