Celebrating Four years of…

The Solution Focused Weekly Focus!
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We are proud to have been able to bring to you every week and for four years, our Solution Focused “Weekly Focus” …come rain, hail, or shine, it has been sent to all your inboxes every week, Christmas holidays aside!

During that time, it has focused on many topics. We don’t always know the answer to everything ourselves, but we try to make it topical, thought provoking…perhaps a little bit of inspiration, but enough to make you to think and reflect…and come up with your own answers!

We always end with a quotation and each week, it comes with a voice file at the top of the page…too rushed to read? Just play the voice file for a three-minute listen!

Who is the man behind the voice and the blog… One of our very own Directors , Nick Bishop! Four years of creating your weekly read! Nick has a huge belief in “Peak Performance”, working both in business and now, high level sport.
You want to know the exciting bit!!??

We have now created a book, “Stay Calm and be Solution Focused” …it is packed with our choices of some of our favourite blogs and categorized into five disciplines…The Mind & Our Behaviours/ Results/ Coaching & Leadership/ Teams & The Workplace/ Communication & Customer Service.

Business or general self-improvement books come in a variety of formats. Some can be far too complicated. They almost become an opportunity for the author to impress their perceived knowledge on others…as opposed to explain in simple terms ideas and examples of changes that can be made and very quickly…hence allowing results to be fast moving! That is exactly what this book is all about.

In fact, once you start, we think that you are going to find it hard to put down…and that’s a promise. We will let you know very soon, how to get your copy!

“Thank you for your support over the last four years! It means a lot, and I hope that it brings you some personal reflection time every Tuesday”.