Coaching your team remotely….

It’s a changing landscape! Listen here

Coaching is one of the biggest roles that leaders need to undertake…few people are the fished article, and even if that were the case, the next role should be awaiting…the process never stops! Expectations and requirements change…everyone needs help and direction.

With remote working, and the possibility that for some, this could be to some extent, a “new normal”, how is the modern leader adapting?

Normally, we are together in the workplace and its simpler to communicate all of the time. This means in new world, we need to be better prepared.

  • Schedule dates and times well in advance, and only change if it’s absolutely needed.
  • Prepare fully and have an agenda/schedule. Don’t leave things to chance!
  • Contact needs to be more frequent…Its not as simple as getting up and walking across the office.
  • Be productive in the time that you have!
  • Don’t try to cram too much in…a little less and more frequently works best when working remotely!
  • Have some social time at the start and finish…take an interest in people…ask what they want/need. Again, in the remote world, this day-to-day relationship is no more.
  • If there are a number of people involved, keep an eye on the quieter ones and involve them.
  • Have some fun, COVID-19…Brexit…etc. uncertainty is all unsettling. The chance to have both a little fun and downtime, linked to team/individual coaching is vital.
  • Encourage people to actively collaborate more than ever…this could be simply checking in one each other, in addition to sharing new “best practice”.
  • Celebrate success even more than ever…you are still a team. Don’t take for granted things and share positive messages!
  • Experiment and find the best ways/days/times to interact…and not just what is convenient for you!

Your team needs your guidance and leadership more than ever…Grasp the moment!!

I absolutely believe that people, unless coached, never reach their maximum capabilities.”

Bob Nardelli