Different work styles…

And the management of! Listen here

Consider your colleagues, consider those that you might perhaps lead…While naturally, there will be a common aim, a direction that the company wants to go in, and the people will have their own part to play in that, there will be a variety of different work styles!

In a similar way, leaders should surround themselves with people who while have shared aims, are able to bring different perspectives and experiences to the table!

Imagine if everyone had a very structured and rigid approach.
Picture if everyone wanted change and challenge all of the time.
What of those who only thought big picture,
while others considered the minutia!

Top consultancy “Deloitte” created a plan around four styles.
Pioneer, Driver, Integrator & Guardian.

The traits identified in the Pioneer are…Outgoing, Detail-Averse, Spontaneous, Risk-Seeking & Adaptable Imaginative…Imagine a team full of these!

The Driver… Quantitative, Logical, Focused & Competitive…How many in this group would be vying to take the lead!

The Guardian…Methodical, Reserved, Detail-Oriented, Practical, Structured, Loyal…Sounds great, but we need some action!

The Integrator… Diplomatic, Empathetic, Traditional, Relationship-Oriented…Fabulous, but are they too accepting?

Deloitte used the term “Business Chemistry” …Each style has its merits, but great chemists will work out the formulas to come up with the perfect mix. Do you identify your people and recognize their different contributions…similarly, how to blend the mix into the perfect solution? Similarly, will each require a slightly different leadership style?

Make sure that you get your mix right!!

“You’ve got to get up every morning with determination if you’re going to go to bed with satisfaction.”
George Lorimer