Doing the remarkable and how a team makes the difference

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This week’s focus is a very personal one to me…while the “weekly focus” is always designed to stimulate thought and discussion, sometimes things happen that really epitomise the meaning of personal belief and the way that great teams work as one…and of course this is much of our work at Solution Focused.

On Saturday gone, I was part of a group of eighty people cycling one hundred miles for a children’s cancer charity. I have done similar rides previously, but this one was different…it would take in 30 miles of some of the hilliest terrain in the Peak District…this ride was not one for the faint hearted.

Few of the riders were experienced, few of the riders were young…but one thing that they all had in common was the desire to do something different and that ordinarily might have seemed impossible.

How then does the seemingly impossible become possible?
Planning & Preparation…all of the detail, nothing left to chance…all bases covered. Every rider knowing everything that was needed. All to allow the riders to concentrate on the ride.

Support…a separate group of people and equally as important as the riders. Back up/refreshments, vehicle support, medical support. Everything that you could need.

Belief…upbeat communication…upbeat stories, continual encouragement leading up to the day. Riders becoming engaged and developing the constant communication thread.

Goal…the chosen charity…a children’s cancer centre. The whole purpose for the ride…a remarkable charity who do remarkable things. A goal to truly focus the mind, a picture stored in each of our minds.

The sum total…one team working as one. No one person bigger than anyone…everyone ready to help anyone. One team with one aim…one team with the same values and ethos…the belief that together we can truly achieve something special and make a difference.

The outcome? Every rider finished…much needed money raised for a marvellous charity. Ordinary people doing remarkable things. Tears of joy…or was it pain? When the goal is strong enough the pain is forgotten.
Have you got the five elements in place?

“Remarkable things can be achieved when a group of like-minded individuals work as one”
Nick Bishop