Dr Susie Mitchell


Dr Susie Mitchell

Susie is a Psycho-Neurologist, Professional Coach, Master Practioner in NLP, & an Inspiring /Motivating Speaker. The author of ‘Satnav for the Soul‘and ‘The S Word’. Susie consults from time to time for BBC Radio and Radio Stoke.

Susie delivers workshops on a variety of Topic including Emotional Resilience, Sales, Customer Excellence/Experiences, Network Marketing, Goal Mapping to name a few!

Her passion is helping people make dramatic internal shifts, which fulfils their dreams and ambitions and she gets outstanding results with her Corporate Coaching and Personal Development clients from all types of backgrounds.

Susie has clients worldwide such as HBOS, Grant Thornton, Luxury Hotel Chains, Luxury Retail, Wealth Management Companies and Internet Companies to name but a few!