Energy Patterns…Don’t waste them!
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How would it be…how would it feel if we had unlimited energy in the workplace and then that the energy was contagious? A buzz around the office, a “can do” mentality? How do we then create that energy? What has to happen, aside from great leadership, and empowered workforce, a culture that celebrates success? Consider how the tips below might help.

  1. It starts with the simplest things. Ergonomics. The chair that you are sitting in. The correct way to position your monitor. The right alignment and not hunched.
  2. How is your office layout? Does it provide sufficient space for each individual, yet in sync with their co-workers. Is there sufficient natural light. Is the mood relaxed?
  3. In the changing modern world do you offer work/life balance that gives scope for your employees to be more content with their work?
  4. Do you allow employees to personalize their workspace?
  5. Find ways to become more organized…speak with your colleagues and agree improved ways to manage workflows
  6. Be a better communicator and have effective conversations where possible as opposed to email. Be an active listener and improve your Ei.
  7. The simplest things like smiling have an enormous impact on both yourself and all those around you.
  8. Big projects can be daunting and can lead to a feel of lack of accomplishment. Setting small goals, will keep you focused, and celebrate your small wins.
  9. Downtime is exactly that…additional hours worked have diminishing returns both in the now and in the future due to tiredness. Make sure that you have sufficient “you” time.
  10. Take regular breaks and take long deep breaths, close your eyes, and enjoy the benefits of wellbeing.
  11. Avoid multi-tasking…Finish one task at a time.

Finally, as a Leader…look for ways to create a positive, supportive, and rewarding environment. Positive reinforcement can quickly shift energy and build momentum toward your desired outcomes. A tough workday can drain the energy out of your employees. Look for ways to create energy boosts throughout the day, in meetings, and throughout projects. This can be as simple as frequent short breaks, laughter, creating a very open environment where fresh ideas and creativity is rewarded…It starts with YOU!

“Energy and persistence conquer all things.”

Benjamin Franklin