Giving Effective Feedback…

One of life’s biggest learning opportunities!

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To understand “feedback” properly, lets first look at the dictionary definition…

“Information about reactions to a product, a person’s performance of a task, etc. which is used as a basis for improvement”.

Our conditioning is such that when anyone offers to give us feedback, we fear the worst. A critical appraisal of something that we have done, or perhaps, not done! Such a shame when feedback, when effectively given, is one of life’s greatest learning opportunities!

Consider the many times that you can give feedback…Performance reviews, monthly reviews, during coaching sessions…But why wait…When you see or hear something, you can give feedback at any time of the day! You may hear one of your team members giving outstanding advice to a customer and in a way that was greatly appreciated. What a chance to spend just a few short moments giving highly positive feedback. Imagine how your colleague would feel!

Lets then detail how to give effective feedback!

Giving feedback is especially important but knowing how to deliver it effectively is critical to the success. Feedback needs to be clear, concise, and meaningful…And to lead to improved performance…Or reinforce existing good performance. Feedback should cater for all elements of performance. We often overlook our “highfliers”!

1. Start with the positive where possible …Never focus on purely the areas for improvement but contextualise in the overall picture…What has worked well.

2. Be constructive…Explain how the new behaviour will benefit all and show what needs to change.

3. Be specific and not wooly! Pinpoint exactly what the feedback relates to. Objective feedback helps people to recognize the exact learning and what needs to change.

4. Feedback should be given in a timely manner and as soon as possible…Frequent, and not stored up!

5. Feedback should be given in such a way that it reflects a coaching ethos…So that the person receiving the feedback, can help to find the solution!

6. Ideally feedback should be given face to face…Where this is not possible, by phone and not email.

Once we learn how to give feedback…both constructive, and positive reinforcement, you will embrace a learning culture, and that your teams will buy into.

The more feedback that you give will grow both yourself and your teams relationship!

“We all need people who will give us feedback. That’s how we improve”

Bill Gates