Glorious failure?

Or building a team for future success? Listen here

One of our recent “weekly focus” was based on learning from failure. This week’s focus was to be based on our fabulous “Lionesses”. And so it should be, and yes it still is!

Of course, we can come back stronger and with a stronger belief and mindset even after disappointment. Not quite the result that we wanted but what a team that Serena Wiegman has created.

It’s interesting to compare the traits of successful sports teams (including the Lionesses), with business and what we can learn.

  • In sport, Leaders are held to account…while there is also a view that there is too much “short termism” in football in terms of expectations on Managers, there is most certainly a greater demand for results. There are countless examples of coaches being replaced with new ones and seeing their performance turn around. So why doesn’t business run the same way? It’s time to look at problems from a different perspective as your team can only perform as well as they’re set up and coached.
  • In all sports, the role of a coach is paramount to the success of a team. One of the best ways to improve the performance of your team is to coach your team to a higher level of performance….and perhaps also get coached yourself!
  • It comes from the top! On match day, where will the coach be sitting? Not in the changing rooms or the office….The coach is right there on the sidelines, with the players. They’re watching the game being played. They’re right there before the game starts, and at half time. They’re making decisions, changing positions, improvising in the moment based on the gameplay. They’re responding to the ebbs and flow of the games. Of course, we are not talking micromanagement but more responding to a fast-changing environment and at a fast pace…being bold, and not sitting on the fence.
  •  Sport is exciting and drives people, week in, week out…It has a lot to do with the scores and changing league tables. Regardless of the sport, there is someone keeping score, so everyone knows whether you are winning or losing. While this happens in business, often, it’s too late to make a difference. By the time you look at your financial statements, you’ve already played the entire game. Teams are more motivated when they have a frequently updated scoreboard, so think about what stats are relevant and start reporting them in a timely manner.

Its apparent that Serena Wiegman has created a fabulous team, but it’s also more than the above…think emotional intelligence, treating everyone with respect, on an equal footing, and knowing how each individual ticks…humans are different, know their individual requirements and handle them in a way that really engages with them.

Yes, The Lionesses will be back…stronger and more resilient!

“None of us, including me, ever do great things. But we can all do small things, with great love, and together we can do something wonderful.”
Mother Teresa