Goals and New Year’s Resolutions

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In our focus last week, we spoke about Goal creation and also affirmations…we have since had a number of requests to develop this, and to explain the difference between goals and new year’s resolutions.

Too often in life, we give in to expectations and peer group pressure…New Year’s resolutions, and the often-asked question…” have you made any new year’s resolutions”!?
Given that we can choose to change aspects of our life at any time…be that day, week, or month etc, it’s highly unlikely that these will stick…knee jerk reactions and that have no real meaning!

One study showed that only 12% of people who set resolutions are successful, even though 52% of the participants were confident of success at the beginning. Ironically, this can then lead to a feeling of failure and that was not the intended plan!

Goals can be personal, they might also be business related…consider your 121s with your Line Manager…in essence you are creating goals for the coming month…often with thoughts of what you need to do, and how to measure…part of the importance to track and measure.

On one occasion, I was with a professional Premier League linesman, when in walked a newly appointed (that day), referee to the football league! We asked him what his goals were…he said “to referee a world cup final” …now that’s admirable, but it’s a dream, and no more…what does he have to do step by step, small goals with measures against each…not just to keep him on track but to measure and celebrate success as well!

It becomes apparent then that goals have to be meaningful, and with structure. Sir John Whitmore introduced the G.R.O.W model. The name is an acronym for the four key steps:
G-oalsR-ealityO-ptions and W-ill.
G: goals and aspirations
R: current situation, internal and external obstacles
O: possibilities, strengths, and resources
W: actions and accountability

Ideally these are best achieved talking with a colleague to share thoughts…better still your Line Manager who can help you…particularly with feedback, and of course delighted that you are pro-actively working to self- develop!

Ask yourself…how much do you really want to change!

“Professionals stick to the schedule; amateurs let life get in the way.” James Clear