Growing & Maintaining Resilience

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First of all, let’s consider the definition…Personal resilience refers to how we handle difficult situations, and which are usually over a period of time. It’s how we react and bounce back. During any period of adversity, much will be about how we mentally handle the situation…sometimes even creating positive change!

We can all perhaps think of, and admire a resilient person, but what triggers someone to become resilient?
If we first look at the key attributes to being resilient…

  1. Emotional wellbeing. Having a pragmatic and realistic view to life. Almost akin to having Emotional Intelligence of the outside world
  2. Your inner drive and determination…Taking each day at a time, setting short term goals which gradually create longer term wins, that may have initially have seemed unlikely
  3. Linked to (2), focusing on the here and now, while working out a longer-term picture of what you want to achieve
  4. Having a strong network of colleagues (work and socially), to call upon and to share ideas.
  5. Creating and maintaining a healthy lifestyle which is key to support all of the earlier attributes…a healthy body & healthy mind!
There are then many benefits to the business, for building personal resilience.
  1. Challenges are better handled which means that the business can remain competitive, even in difficult times
  2. Relationships with colleagues will develop and grow. Adversity and rising to the challenge, brings people closer
  3. A chance to develop the workforce and to accept new challenges
  4. To look at communication channels and to improve where necessary
  5. To improve time management skills and understanding improved ways to prioritise.
As you can see, having a resilient team brings countless benefits. Before you need to be resilient, make sure that you have a strong team, and with clear lines of communication. An empowered team, that can think on its feet, is also a big advantage!

“The greatest glory in living lies not in never falling, but in rising every time we fall.” You can’t succeed unless you fail first.
Nelson Mandela.