Have you got a high work ethic?

Let’s first of all think of the definition… Listen here
A good work ethic is an individual’s desire to do their best and be productive. They get on, and get the job done! It also includes the ability to self-manage, and to help others for the greater cause. Its people who have a firm understanding of why they come to work, and it reflects in their qualities.

It makes sense that those that tend to progress in business, and life in general, have a high work ethic. What then are the traits?

  1. Being prepared to accept new challenges. People with a strong work ethic never say no to a challenge just because it seems that there will be challenges on the journey.
  2. Committing to the results. Nothing worth having comes easy, so similarly, even when things seem tough, they look for ways to get the results.
  3. Setting a good example. People with a good work ethic know that their example will help others and hopefully lead to improved “buy-in” from others
  4. Aiming for excellence. You can just do the job or be great at it. Aim for brilliant!
  5. Getting it right first time. Similar to “aiming for excellence,” its all about getting it right first time…no rework or passing the buck!
  6. Showing enthusiasm for the job! Having passion and showing it is a huge part of having a high work ethic. It can also be contagious and spreads amongst the team.
  7. Being work focused and blocking out external distractions. They focus on the goals and not the unnecessary things.
  8. Dedication to the job…goes the extra mile and does not complain…this can be different to giving genuine and focused feedback in a constructive way.
  9. Being supportive of others is also important. Helping where needed and being a good team player.
  10. Flexibility. There are times when changes have to happen and not necessarily in the role profile
In conclusion, a person with a high work ethic keeps going even through difficult times. They get the job done and often using their own initiative. They are good team players and are vital to the business.

Face your problems head-on. Do what you have to do to take care of it. Develop a good work ethic.   
George Chuvalo