Isolation and the effects of…

Another issue COVID-19 has created. Read here

In years to come, we will look back on COVID-19 , reflecting on the profound and unique effects that it has had on our lives. From the furlough scheme through to being captives in our own houses…similarly, the isolation that we are having to live through…and some in total isolation.

Leaders have had to find new ways of communicating with their people…Humans thrive on interaction, the warmth that only face to face contact can provide…always remember that body language is 70% of how we communicate. We are missing having people around us, the chat, bouncing ideas…But todays focus is more fundamental than that…How do we cope with isolation?

First and foremost, we need to try not to mentally engage in everything with a “crisis mentality” …This reinforces our hindering self-talk and not helpful self-talk. While it may appear part of the problem, maintaining a normal routine is vital. It gives us focus…and a reason to do things.

Similarly, we can only control the controllable…Park what you cannot have impact on! It becomes a worry that we don’t need!

Similarly, it’s a well-documented fact that if you suffer from depression, stay away from the press, the news, and social media…Too often it’s a mass of tragedy, disaster and rarely of uplifting events.
Physical activity has a great effect on our “feel good factor” …and be warned, it can become addictive! Doctors have been known to prescribe parkrun as opposed to anti-depressants!

It’s easy to neglect having a healthy diet…Again this is another reason for routine…Eating at the right times…experimenting and enjoying cooking new dishes…Remembering to use wine for flavour in a dish…not drinking too much! Alcohol can temporarily change our moods but rather like a drug, we can hit lows afterwards.

Another part of routine is making sure that we get plenty of sleep…and at our normal times. Sleep replenishes the body and mind.

Finally, write some letters…not email, and imagine the joy that the recipient will feel!

Always remember, even post COVID-19, that there will always be some people feeling isolated, and we can all reach out to.

“It is during our darkest moments that we must focus and see the light”
Aristotle Onassis

Back to reality some are always isolated!