Live & Interactive Development- Listen here

Many years ago, training was delivered almost classroom style. Information and key skills spoken and in lengthy chunks. Handouts provided. Gradually more interaction was introduced, role plays and exercises. The use of slides was introduced.

While L&D has moved on considerably since and particularly with online learning but where it remains very much one of webinars or remote online training programmes. Learning is very much down to a variety of styles, but most importantly, getting buy in from the delegates.

We learn in three ways…

  1. Visual…who respond to images & graphics
  2. Auditory…who prefer verbal communications
  3. Kinesthetic…More of a hands-on approach

The critical question then becomes how can modern “virtual training” create the most realistic option!?

At Solution Focused, we believe that we have the best solution. Welcome to L.I.D…Live and Interactive Development! Opening the lid to a whole new world of learning opportunities. Within an hour of sharing the concept with one of our Global partners, we had an immediate interest and even the suggestion that we copyright L.I.D and the strapline…Which we did!

When you watch a well delivered television news feature, you feel within touching distance of the presenter. Using this concept is how we have created our new learning experience.  Perfect for lock down and perfect for the future. Reduced cost and the ability to include delegates from a variety of remote locations.

We have built our own studio. We are now able to deliver training in the most realistic style that you can imagine! With flipchart, big screen and live presenting it provides a tremendous learning experience. We have been featured in local news and are delivering to existing and new clients already!

The most important thing is what YOU think…To help us to improve still further, please do send us your thoughts in the comments section below, or email to info@solution-focused.co.uk. But first learn more by clicking on this link //www.solution-focused.co.uk/online-development/

“Learning is a treasure that will follow its owner everywhere”
Chinese Proverb