Leadership in every sense of the word…

Her Royal Highness, Queen Elizabeth. Listen here

CEO’s have a shelf life. Certainly, in large PLC’s…In part driven by market forces, the performance of the business, the wants and views of the shareholders. In many ways, its similar to being a manager in professional football. The big difference…Football Managers are in the spotlight perhaps twice weekly and are very much measured on results…CEO’s have the spotlight of a share price, but the results are only measured twice yearly!

How then does someone lead a county for 70 years…working remotely while always acting as a role model and there to support in difficult times. Consider the following attributes of our Queen and reflect on the similarities with a CEO.

Vision…The Queen has a clear purpose about her role and a vision for what as a Nation we aspire to be…She has always articulated the values that we should stand for, and always articulates this in her annual speech to The Nation.

Being a Role Model…Unlike sitting behind a desk, The Queen always leads by example. Her work has always meant that she has visited hundreds of organisations each year, met people across a diverse range of backgrounds, and taken a genuine interest in them all. Much of the very positive views by many foreign bodies is because of the Queen.

Commitment…This is without question…consider the hours each week, the miles of travel, to carry out the diverse range of roles needed, and including across the commonwealth.

A drive for knowledge, and a hunger to learn about people…Despite the tens of thousands meets and activities that The Queen has been involved in, her hunger to learn has never lessened. Always wanting to learn about organisation’s and understanding the people.

Emotional Intelligence…Knowing exactly what behaviours to exhibit and the approach to take.

The ability to face change head on…The Queen has encountered every situation, and lived and led through a changing world, and one where she has had to adapt and change…In doing so with dignity, compassion, and humility.

Consider these six simple statements and compare to the modern leader. Then throw 70 years into the mix…” God bless you Her Majesty”.

“Show respect even to people who don’t deserve it; not as a reflection of their character, but as a reflection of yours” Dave Willis