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Leading in “Challenging Times”

What does it take?

The dictionary definition of challenging is “A challenge is something new and difficult which requires great effort and determination”.
Before we think about the skills required, lets first break down those words…

“Something new” …this suggests that it is something that may not have been anticipated so prompts two further questions!
Are processes, procedures, and people in place to pre-empt such a situation…Have you considered similar situations before and planned?
What will you learn from the challenge, to prevent a further reoccurrence?
“Effort & determination” …You should never be alone…who do you have around you that you can call upon, and with the right blend of varied experiences.

Moving on to the question…what does it take!

With Covid, and for some organisations, Brexit, the spotlight has really been on our leaders. More than ever, it’s about composure, while others may be worried about everything that is happening, the way that a leader handles themselves in this situation is critical.

Following on from this point, self-control and keeping your emotions in check are vital. Don’t let your body language give the game away!

Similarly, don’t take things personally. This could relate to remaining calm in all situations, and not becoming defensive when faced with suggestions or criticism.

During times of challenge, people will be looking to you for guidance. A strong “PMA” is needed…The way that you handle yourself will transmit to others.
Always remain calm and without fear…building on the earlier point, while it may not seem it at the time, you WILL get through this situation!

Be decisive!  Speak with conviction, confidence, and authority…Show that you are in control. Communicate regularly, clearly, and consistently. Take responsibility and be accountable. People will respect you.

Be brave and carry on!


“When someone is going through a storm…your silent presence is more powerful than a million empty words”. Thelma Davis