Learning from failure…

To make you stronger, wiser, and more resilient! Listen here

Learning from failure helps to develop you as a person! Failures don’t define you, and in order to succeed, we all need to fail at some point.

One American CEO always asked in job interviews…”what is the biggest mistake you have ever made”? If the job candidate replied that they had not made a mistake, the interview was ended, and the candidate removed from the list…they had clearly not challenged themselves, dreamed big and failed or extended their boundaries!

It took Thomas Edison, thousands of attempts to perfect the lightbulb…he described them as glorious learning opportunities! The most successful people in the world have failed…and often. How are you learning from failure?

What we learn…
Resilience…From failure, we learn resilience, an important skill to build. And when you build (and learn) resilience, it helps you in other ways, too. It can help you to adopt the right behaviors to change, to build grit, tenacity, and motivation.
Flexibility…Even the best-laid plans can be disrupted. You may learn from your first failure that you need to adjust your goal. Or perhaps, you can still achieve your goal. You just need to adjust your approach. It teaches us to adjust when needed. You can’t do the same thing over and over again, and expect different results. Failures teach us flexibility, adaptability, and how to overcome obstacles. It teaches us to use change to our advantage.
Innovation & Creativity…We learn to stop being stuck in our ways and recognise that “our way” may not be the only way…allowing discussions with others and also to think of other solutions.
Drive & Motivation…Can be valuable and important lessons from failure. Used correctly, our failures can be motivators…as you make small mistakes on the journey, the corrections of these spur you on, celebrating the wins on the journey.
Never give up, change your mindset, involve others, find new ways, don’t make the same mistakes…believe in yourself, try again, and you will be a winner!

“We learn more from our failures than from our successes. Not only do we find out what doesn’t work so that we can adjust our future attempts, we learn about ourselves in the process and gain a bit of empathy towards others that might be struggling as well.”
Kealy Spring