Life after Lockdown

The challenges we are all facing! Listen here

Change is constant…The world around us evolves everywhere…Technology, travel, business, demands and expectations. We are all having to adjust and move on.

Change for many of us can be unsettling…It can even leave mental scars that don’t heal for a considerable period.

Then came Covid19…A huge pandemic and of global proportions.

Worry, fear, huge loss of lives, bereavement, uncertainty, furlough, home working, social distancing, zoom, worry over jobs…Finally attempting to return to some form of normality!

Ordinarily, change is an inevitable part of life…in fact, where well planned and communicated, it can produce very positive results, but only where you take your teams with you on a complete journey.

The “change curve” model demonstrates that change is continuous, that we all have different responses and that we adapt in a sequential pattern…Denial…Anger…Depression…Bargaining and finally acceptance.

With the change that we are experiencing right now, we are going through multiple change and constantly… “It’s ok not to be ok”!

Will our jobs look the same in the future?

What will the workplace look like, or will it be my kitchen?

How will we meet and communicate?

Might I become unemployed?

The way that we manage this huge change will help us all to come out the other side, in the best shape possible. But how?

At Solution Focused, we have for many years been delivering programs around “Change Management”. We understand how to guide people through this change. From our purpose-built studio, we have beamed workshops to many organisations, been written about in the press and appeared on radio.

This is your opportunity to understand how to evolve through change and learn the techniques to develop a shift of mindset.

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“Change means that what was before wasn’t perfect. People want things to be better”.

Esther Dyson