Solution Focused…more than just Trainers with real impact!!

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With a reputation across the length and breadth of the country, and overseas, Solution Focused are known for delivering high impact programmes across sectors.

What many don’t know is that a number of the Solution Focused Team regularly speak at Conferences and events, covering a range of topics, in addition to facilitating conferences for clients…the glue that holds the event together and adding some sparkle!

Using a speaker at an event can provide numerous benefits and enhance the overall experience for attendees. You will doubtless think back to events that you have been to!

By using one of our Solution Focused speakers, we can provide valuable insights, knowledge, and perspectives that can educate and inspire your audience…the sharing of personal stories, successes, and examples off great challenges that people have overcome. It’s all about instilling a sense of purpose and creating real drive among the attendees.

Our speakers can engage the audience with powerful presentations, storytelling, humor, making your event more enjoyable and memorable. It’s also a great way to break up the day, and to energise your teams.

It does not have to be a conference…how about one of your management meetings, and a working lunch with a speaker to add some sparkle!

With our speakers having different backgrounds and perspectives, we can offer a more comprehensive view of a topic, fostering a more inclusive and well-rounded discussion. A different voice or slant on a topic…though provoking and allowing people to think and reflect.

What is important is making sure that your speaker can address specific challenges or issues faced by your audience and provide solutions, actionable takeaways, and practical advice…aligning their presentations with your event’s theme, reinforcing the messages and objectives of the event.

The role can then morph to that of facilitating an event…Q&A sessions, panel discussions, and workshops, allowing attendees to interact and engage with the content and each other.

Having a Solution Focused speaker at an event can add significant value by providing expertise, education, motivation, and engagement to attendees while enhancing the overall event experience and achieving various organizational goals.

“You can succeed at almost anything for which you have unbridled enthusiasm.”
Zig Ziglar