Weekly Focus

“Negotiation Skills Tips” Listen here

The term “Negotiation” can mean so many things to so many people…Perhaps in itself that sums the whole thing up! It is never straightforward…Or is it…and should it be!

Ultimately, negotiation can go a long way to improving relations…When used properly, consider the time that might otherwise be lost in counter-productive meetings. It can heal the potential for future confrontation and where needed, put you on the front foot.

Ultimately negotiation is about communication and with some Emotional Intelligence thrown in…Almost like reading someone’s stack of cards!
Negotiation can include a number of skill sets, and will depend on the situation.

  • Persuasive communication is very much focused in winning some of the parts that make up the total. But this needs you to have the ability to influence. To demonstrate your point in such a way that the other party cedes some ground.
  • Empathy…Understanding the other persons needs which may also determine how much ground you are prepared to give up
  • Listening Skills…Very much understanding and recognising what is not being said…The pauses…The tone…The body language. Equally if not more important than the spoken words.
  • Ultimately everything is potentially negotiable, but for many things that we do, there has to be a process, key people and agreed parameters.
  • In negotiation, there are a number of processes. Identifying the problem or blockage, Discussion of the concerns, Arranging an equitable solution, Agreement to a way forward

Negotiation is rather like a seesaw. Too much weight at one end tips the balance…Ideally, you meet in the middle to keep the balance.

Doing your prior homework is also important to the process. What is truly at stake, and what are the implications for both parties, particularly when trading concessions.

Homework also allows for confidence…Key to your success!

“I’ve grown up a little bit. I understand the importance of the negotiation. It is a collective act”. Thom Mayne