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Part Two…Our Conditioning. Read here

Last week we explained how we generate “best performance,” and at any level. This week we start at the base of the behavioural triangle, with our conditioning.

Human beings do not act or behave according to reality, we act upon our own perceptions of reality. It starts with our “Conditioning.” Our internal beliefs and our own self- image are all created over time, based on our views of the external world.

Our thoughts are stored in our sub conscious mind, and we always behave according to our personal beliefs…in real time & in milliseconds, whenever we do anything, our conscious mind investigates our subconscious mind to look for “association.” We investigate what our experience is of any situation…it then leads us to the behaviour that we associate with that particular situation.

When we are born, the subconscious is a blank canvas…every experience from birth is stored there. Consider this…it has been calculated that human beings have one hundred billion neuron cells, and that each neuron can store up to 1-2 million pieces of information!

Reflect then on why we do not perform well in certain situations. Consider asking a computer to calculate some information for you but the programming was all incorrect…
It was programmed with incorrect information (our perceptions), and thus created the wrong solutions (our behaviour).
We can form our conditioning in many ways…our beliefs can be influenced by our parents and our teachers (hence we form our conditioning from an early age), and also from the media. We do not have to have experienced the actions stored in our sub conscious, merely thought of them. The point to remember is that…
Our imagination multiplied by the frequency of thought, determines our perceptions of reality (our self-image) …the greater the frequency, the stronger the beliefs.
Where is this taking us? The understanding that we can change our behaviours and performance once we change our thinking and self-image…more of that next week.

“The mind of humans is capable of anything…because everything is in it, the past as well as the future”
Joseph Conrad