On-line sales…Where does the future lie?

How Covid has created a rethink for many! Listen here

Never before in recent generations has a global situation created such an overhaul in the way business operates. For many out of necessity and to survive…Shops and retail unable to open…While for the consumer, it’s meant no queues and very socially distanced!

For larger conglomerates, it’s been survival of the fittest…Those that have moved with the times would most likely already have a number of routes to market. Recent victims…Arcadia & Debenhams have been shown to be too big and too late to change their offer.

Smaller organisations have rapidly moved online, nimble and agile, and while not replacing their traditional business have found a new income stream…when normality returns, a second route to market!

Online can be a great additional offer, but consider…
How will you differentiate yourselves from the competition? How will your service offer stand out? Will people still say “amazing service” …if so, what have you had to do, in order to differentiate?

When people shop in store, sales assistants can watch them browsing…pick items up…put them down…discuss with their partner! The nimble footed assistant quick to come over to offer help and advice!
Body language tells us much…Its 70% of communication! Where do we get that with online!?

Will online offer the same upsells as the well-trained assistant?
And come the end of the transaction…The smile, the cordial farewell…the customer wowed by the experience!
Much to ponder, and reasons perhaps that while online works, face to face is surely the winner!

How about the hybrid model…Here at Solution Focused, we built our own studio, and can deliver “live learning and interactive development”, almost as if we were together! Now we may be biased, but we believe that our model offers the best blend of online possible!

Why not ask us how we do it!

“You walk into a retail store, whatever it is, and if there’s a sense of entertainment and excitement and electricity, you wanna be there”.
Howard Schultz, CEO, Starbucks