Peak Performance

And recognising when we need to recharge the Batteries!

The old saying “rest is for wimp’s” has previously been said by many people…Almost part of a macho society.  And yet for us all to perform at our best, rest is a vitally important factor.

On a personal level, and as someone that coaches endurance athletes, rest is part of a training cycle. Hard workouts stress and stretch the body…It’s the rest that returns the body to normal before we stretch further the next time.

There are times in the work environment where we put in long hours…But how productive are we, and at what cost? How efficient are we in the hours available should be better considered. Smart people understand what is important as opposed to “nice to have” and with little value add.

If we accept that there is a danger in many of us that we try to do too much, what small steps can we take? And what is the risk of burn out?

There will be more areas that we can all delegate, yet seldom do. Yet in delegation, the key is to develop those that you delegate to…Consider it part of a coach/mentor role!

Saying “No” is ok, providing that you can offer an alternative deadline or option to the task

Look at your “To do” list and allocate time to the tasks. You may actually find that the less important ones will not even need doing…Or can be delegated!

Be aware of people that delegate upwards! On occasion this may be necessary, but rarely!

Don’t procrastinate…Just do it! Or don’t even do it!!

Much of our body is made up of water, and yet we don’t replace it enough. Drink fluids (ideally water) regularly

Not taking a lunch break or similar because you are busy, can (except in extreme circumstances) be counterproductive.

Sleep and rest are vital to recharge. Stay off your phone or tablet more at home

Energy creates energy. Take regular exercise, and ideally a walk at lunchtimes.

We put fuel and water into our cars. We have them serviced and tested for each annual MOT. Look after yourselves in the same way, and make sure that you do have a proper “Work/life balance”…

Don’t be a busy fool! It would be easy to smile and say if only”! But what if you don’t!

“A fool is always busy. A wise person learns how to make time”.
Vivek Singh