Quotations can become your personal mantra or affirmation

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This is quite a personal edition of our “Weekly Focus”

Many years ago, I was faced with a number of challenges in life. I sat down one day and started to create my own quotations, and which seemed to resonate…they almost became a personal serious of mantras of what I needed to.

It’s strange how we can take solace…hope…courage…reflection, and I hope some inspiration from just a few thoughtful lines.
As you read the quotations, think, and reflect yourself. If some inspire, write them down and use them when you need to.

Quotations are similar to “Affirmations.” When used correctly, they can change your thinking and behaviours.

  • It’s not just about where you get to, but where you came from. We all start in different places.
  • Well written Goals produce excitement…Well executed goals produce results. Stay focused until the end!
  • Success is only relative to the stretch in the goal that you set. Be brave in your vision and celebrate your wins.
  • Never be put off by the stretch of your ambition. Some might scoff, but the final smile as you succeed will be yours.
  • Set sail and be prepared for every challenge that life blows your way. We have unlimited talents. Navigate wisely.
  • Don’t bask in your achievements. Use them as the inspiration to strive for further success.
  • Thought and action are the two words that separate those that succeed and those that wonder why they don’t!
  • Put yourself out there. Find your business. Success does not find those that sit back and wait
  • Be excited by each day. Your eyes and ears will help you discover new opportunities. This only applies when fully open!
  • Never give up on your dreams. Age is a number and the hurdles faced can be overcome by your own mindset.
  • “Meant to” is the scourge of success. “Doing” is the ingredient. “Succeeded” is the first rung of the ladder. Keep climbing.

“Never stop striving to become your best version of you.”
Nick Bishop