Quotations can lift your moods and inspire

Used correctly, they can become affirmations! Listen here

Just a few well-crafted words in the form of a quotation can mean a lot to people and used correctly can lift and inspire.
They give meaning to a variety of situation and if stored in the mind…or perhaps written down and repeated can become affirmation like.  They then give focus to the mind and add perspective.

Just as our work at Solution Focused helps to deliver a change of mindset and solutions…not problems, quotations can help to give you new perspective to life!

Enjoy the quotations that follow, written by Nick Bishop, one of the Solution Focused Team!

  • How far do your horizons stretch? The only boundaries are the ones that you place before you.
  • I “meant to” is the master of indecision. Success comes to those who act on their beliefs.
  • Life is a treasure hunt. You have to keep looking all of the time, to find the keys to success and happiness.
  • The difference between success and failure is slim. Less than six inches, the distance between the ears…the mind!
  • Be brave and unlock the shackles…do something that you love…chances are you will be great!
  • Hurdles are there for those that choose to see them. Those with vision and intent picture the highway to success.
  • Every step towards your goals creates a fire within and provides all the fuel to set the world alight.
  • The greatest achievements are always just a fingertip away…. too many forget how to stretch
  • The ingredients to success are…endeavour, belief, goals, and determination. Mix together well and you will keep achieving, consigning luck to the bin.
  • Ambition…never scoff at the ambition of others…its ambition that drives the behaviours necessary to create the outcomes that others may have thought impossible

Have a few moments of reflection, and then think of they apply to you and what you want to achieve in life.

“It always seems impossible until it’s done.”
Nelson Mandela