Recruitment & Selection Tips

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In theory, it’s straightforward…someone leaves and you just replace them…possibly internally, sometimes externally. You place an advert and off you go!
When anyone leaves, it’s worth considering…why did they leave and is that role still the correct role for the business? Has the role changed, and does the role profile need reviewing? In a fast-changing world, nothing stands still for long!

Companies that encourage internal recruitment and promotion may already have started the process…have you already got people that are encouraged to think about personal development, who are empowered and given the scope to on occasions, shadow others?

The reality is that there is usually more to the process than just “picking the best.” How will you know if a candidate is likely to get on with the rest of the team, or with your organization’s culture?

Don’t just look at the experience needed when recruiting. What are the performance criteria? what will be the person’s responsibilities be, and what results would you like to see in the first month, first six months, and first year? Talk to the candidates about how their experience maps into the expectations of the role. Discuss with them as if they were already in the role!

Think about your core values and culture – Why is this important? Having the right skills for the job is just one aspect…having the right fit into the ethos of the business is vital. Football clubs are now analysing the values and ethos of players as much as their skill and what they can add value to in terms of the team fit…have they got the right mindset?

Every role has its ups and downs…when discussing the role with prospective candidates, think about the tougher parts of the role…don’t just sell the fun bits!

Assessment Centres should be considered. Instead of attending a single interview or interviews, candidates undergo a range of different exercises or assessments designed to provide evidence of their performance in a range of competencies, and considered necessary in the role.

At Solution Focused we live and breathe mindset and developing a winning mentality. Find candidates that you believe that you can develop…providing they have the right mentality, and mindset, you can develop the rest!

“Hire character. Train skill.”

Peter Schutz