Reigniting Relationships

It’s great to reconnect!
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In the increasingly fast paced environments in which we all live, it’s too easy to lose touch with people…What a shame. Relationships are so important in all walks of life…Personal and of course business…The two can of course overlap.

Business is all about relationships, both internal and external. Great Leaders are very good at establishing positive business relationships with their employees, business associates, suppliers, customers…In fact anyone that contributes to the day to day running of the business. Even those organisations with a great product or offer, will fail without building key relationships.
Business relationships can disappear for a variety of reasons…What is important is to understand how to rekindle them…Consider the steps below.

  1. If the relationship stalled because of something that damaged the relationship, unless the situation was considered beyond repair (and few are), reconnect! Its highly likely that the other person would feel the same way…The longer the delay in doing so, the more either side feel uncomfortable about reconnecting. Send a friendly note…What is new in your world, asking about the other person and showing genuine interest.
  2. Think back about what made the relationship special…Pick up the phone and call them. Don’t jump in with both feet, simply talk with them like you used to…Before you know it, the conversation will be flowing
  3. Next time you have a function of any kind…It could be as simple even as grabbing a bite to eat or coffee, invite them.
  4. If the relationship is more of a B2B Corporate relationship, work out what the relationship is worth…The value of it to you and not just financially. How much margin can you give away and what is the client value? Make a compelling offer to bring them back to you. Don’t forget its seven times more expensive to acquire new business than to retain existing clients.

Dormant clients and relationships are just waiting to be reignited. Of course, when you consider the new business acquisition costs, better still that you treat all relationships both on a “one to one” and a corporate footing with the respect and time that they deserve…Not losing them in the first place! Pick up the phone and start now!

“Many relationship problems are rooted in a communication breakdown. These can be as simple as not really hearing what the other person is saying, because we get caught up in our own fixed perspectives.”
Sumesh Nair