Remaining positive during times of uncertainty

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Uncertainty creates anxiety…Fact. Our brain is constantly making judgements about what to do and why…often with no logical reason.

Uncertainty also creates its own images in our brain…danger…we don’t know what is going to happen next. It’s one of the reasons why it’s harder for us to make rational decisions all of the time! We tend to assume the worst.

The irony is that it’s the worry of uncertainty that is a greater stress than the end outcome…one example…losing your job…the constant worry of not knowing, compare with closure once the decision is known…planning and getting on with the rest of your life! Of course, we all know that 95% of the time, the outcome is never as bad as the thought!

The big question? How do we remain positive during times of uncertainty? The following tips come from a variety of people at the top of their professions.

  • Think about the positive things in your life… There will be many, and don’t dwell on uncertainty…Celebrate all of the positives and create pictures in your own mind
  • Put the known things in one mental box, and the other unknowns into another. Don’t confuse the two
  • Much of what we do is based on our decisions…and yet few decisions are huge! Don’t waste time and worry on the small things. Not all our decisions will be the right ones, and yet we adapt and move on…Save your energy for the big decisions!
  • Successful people don’t seek perfection…What is perfection!? Particularly, in an uncertain situation! It creates unnecessary stress and is rarely necessary!
  • Don’t dwell on uncertainty…It allows our self-talk to spiral out of control…We can only control the controllable!
  • They recognize that their instinct will take them in the right direction, and they have a contingency plan in mind!
  • They smile in the face of adversity…Nothing is ever as bad as we perceive!

Trust your instincts, take time out to relax, and talk with your colleagues…Be bold, make decisions and move on!

“Decisions are the endless uncertainties of life that we’ll not know if they’re right until the very end, so do the best you can and hope it’s right”.
Lily Collins