Remote training and the use of slides!

Is there an alternative? Welcome to L.I.D! Listen here

The last two years has seen dramatic changes to how we work, and primarily because of The Covid Pandemic.

People were furloughed (although this did not exclude training programs) and many were asked to work from home. In many ways, this has shown what can be done in terms of remote working when needs must…Zoom calls became the norm, and while face to face may still perhaps be the preferred choice where possible…think body language/ Ei. etc. a new norm was developed.

What then of remote training programs/courses? Online training is already an existing tool, although not one that we use at Solution Focused. Given our huge focus on mindset, the need to have an expert trainer really is necessary.

When the pandemic broke, Solution Focused were part way through a large delivery and spanning two years with a Global “blue chip”. How could we sell our services to organisations where we were not allowed to come on site, and/or the staff were working from home. Within 48 hours of the Government announcement, we came up with the solution.

Our office is in Tittensor, and some five miles south of Stoke-on-Trent. We noticed that there was a spare office within the complex and given the Covid scenario, one that would not be filled for some time! The landlord leased it to us…Our plan was ready to roll!

Over one weekend, we built a film studio, including investing in new kit and video equipment! Welcome to L.I.D…Live and Interactive Development.
From our studio we deliver training programs Globally. We were able to deliver our program to our big corporate, our other clients…and we continued to win new business.

The trainer has a flip chart and delivers our programs just as if we were with the client and in a room. The delegates all attend through their own screens, and we deliver the most virtual training programs that you could expect…participation, fun, laughs, interaction, learning, agreed end outcomes…in fact everything that you would expect from one of our workshops.

Of course, it does not end there! While we are back on site with some clients, we can now offer our L.I.D in addition to the onsite. What a bonus for organisation’s that struggle to bring people together from across the country or who perhaps only need a short/sharp intervention.

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