Three musts for Business, Listen here

It can be argued that the three adjectives used should apply to business in all that we do and all of the time…yet when the model is working, it may get overlooked. Along comes Covid-19, and “Business as Usual”, goes out of the window.

We have large corporates, SME’s and then the one-person business. The former will of course find change more challenging (the oil tanker changing course example) but must then devolve thinking to a much lower level, to allow individual departments to challenge the norm and become innovative “think tanks”.

Pubs and restaurants offering “take away meal” services, Zoom replacing face to face meetings and online retail increasing, there are countless more.

At Solution Focused, we are not immune from the pandemic. Until recently, all our work has been face to face and normally on client premises. We have a core team of six and over the years have grown an enviable client base both at home and overseas.

Resourcefulness is having to challenge existing thinking and looking forwards what will become the new norm.
Recognising the need for change, we approached the landlord of our office as the space next to our own was unused. We were allowed access to this and at no charge. Over the course of a week, we created our own studio. This serves two purposes…To become the most “virtual training area” that you could wish for, and an area that can be used for filming and recording all manner of training material (podcasts/interviews etc.) both now and of course in the future.

We are now able to deliver training in the most realistic style that you can imagine!
When you develop a loyal client base, they stay with you. With our new format, we are now delivering with our existing client base, starting programmes with our once “prospects”, in addition to offering free taster sessions.

The local BBC Radio Station were keen to learn more and you can listen to the broadcast featuring Solution Focused MD John Bullock here
An example and something that you might find helpful is available here which gives some insight into the changes that we go through during these unprecedented times.

Full details are on our website.

How will this effect and change the future of “people development”? Personally, my belief is that “face to face” will always win…But always give your client choices! There is room for both when we move back towards a more normal lifestyle.

“Change is the law of life and those who look only to the past or present are certain to miss the future”