This week Star Wars marks the end of a legacy

What will yours be?

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It’s quite natural when anything that has either history attached to it or just time based…The latter can be service in employment or to a cause, the lifetime of a person, that some will ask “What is their legacy”.?

One definition of legacy is…
“A legacy is the story of someone’s life, the things they did, places they went, goals they accomplished, their failures and more. Legacy is something that a person leaves behind to be remembered by. Legacies are pathways that guide people in decisions with what to do or what not to do”

With this definition in mind, two questions then need to be answered. The question first asked and correspondingly “How do you want to be remembered”? All of the thoughts below then apply to both your personal and professional life.

  • What lessons in life have you taught other people…To help them to develop as people?
  • How have you demonstrated the values of life and to hold principles?
  • What foundations have you left for others to build on?
  • Have you instilled confidence and belief into others through the way that you spoke with them and guided them in all of your interactions?
  •  How did you make people feel?

If we turn to the world of sport, Sir Alex Ferguson won countless trophies for Manchester United over a 27 year period with them. When he left the club struggled and continues to do so…Is succession planning thus part of a legacy?

Within life in the simplest form, how will you be remembered?
If I look back upon Leaders in my own business career, I can still smile and reflect saying “How would they have handled this”?

Take a moment to reflect and then ask yourself “what will be my legacy”?

“That is your legacy on this Earth when you leave this Earth: how many hearts you touched.” —Patti Davis