Stay Calm

And be Solution Focused

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For many of us, we are living in unprecedented times. Now deemed a global pandemic, the Corona Virus is changing the way that we live in many ways.
Reminding us of proper hygiene standards, consideration to home working, alternative ways to hold remote meetings and many more.

When faced with such extreme circumstances, we are challenging the norm to find solutions to working practices that ordinarily would have been ignored.
Social media, press coverage and society in general are all driving a frenzy creating irrational behaviour in many.

At times of panic, logic often goes out of the window. Statistically, few of us will catch the illness. By following good practice, this reduces further.
Remember the points below:

  • Logic will often go out of the window in times of crisis. This is the classic time to take a few moments and relax…Deep breaths and start to think logically. You won’t make good decisions without this
  • We need to change our thinking…Negative self talk will create a downward spiral of self- doubt and have a huge impact on our confidence levels.
  • Positive thinking has huge emotional benefits and grows self esteem
  • Having a system and creating “scenario plans” means that at any time, you can go to your tool box and pull out any behaviour/outcome to any situation.
  • Don’t over analyse. Keep things simple…How do you eat an elephant? In bite sized chunks!

At Solution Focused, we use a model called The T.E.A.R Cycle.
The way that we think, affects our emotions, the actions that we take and the results that we get.

Clarity of thought with a positive mind set will over most things in life!

“In a crisis, don’t hide behind anything or anybody.
They’re going to find you anyway.”

 Bear Bryant