Stay positive in challenging times…be kind to yourself!

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In the current economic climate, it’s easy to listen to the doomsters, and there will certainly be some with the current downturn in events that affect us all. Similarly, virtually everyone at some point or another has been faced with a situation that leads to feelings of discouragement or pessimistic thoughts.

There are things that we can do, and much, is down to our mindset.
Most people are naturally programmed to respond to adverse conditions with a negative mental attitude, such as saying “I can’t believe this happened to me.” It’s hard not to feel this way if you are concentrating on the problem. Take a step back and focus on possible solutions and not the problems…bite sized chunks with meaningful goals.

Look around your group, and talk with your colleagues, but make sure that you choose the positive ones! Anything that is happening to you right now, will have happened to others before…sharing a worry with a friend will always help…but pick the right friend!

Much of what we worry about in life never materializes…we get through and look back…We got there, and with learnings and valuable experiences. This is why its so important not to beat ourselves up…creating a downward spiral of negativity…our minds are programmed to look at worst case scenarios, and not to celebrate much of what we all do most of the time and so successfully.

Use positive action words to think about yourself and create affirmations that build pictures in the mind…we live our lives on our perceptions of reality…not the truth…change the way that you think about yourself…be proud!

Our own personal development is important during challenging times…think of the things that you can do…learn a new skill, create a list of things that you want to achieve daily…small items (much smaller than goals), and tick them off when done. You will be surprised about how much you do! Celebrate those successes!

Virtually everyone goes through circumstances that they feel will never change…they always do, and we can only control the controllable. Take a deep breath and say, “Yes I can”!

“You can’t go back and change the beginning,
but you can start where you are and change the ending.”

C. S. Lewis