Have you got the winning mentality?

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As the past weekend saw the start of the 2020 Six Nations Rugby Union Championship, it’s a time to reflect on the thoughts of Sir Clive Woodward, the Team Manager in 2003 when England won The Rugby World Cup.

It’s worth reflecting as his thinking is now much used in the world of business…With clearly transferable skills.

  • Know – your knowledge of the factors that drive performance
  • How – your application of these factors better than the competition
  • Learning…”How strong is your “Performance Management” system? Get that right, to build a successful team, and don’t worry about the competition
  • The buzzword was T-CUP. This stands for Thinking Clearly Under Pressure.
  • The idea being that you cannot perform under pressure if you haven’t already experienced or considered the situation beforehand.
  • Learning…While it may not always be possible to plan for pressure, by having a clear vision and plan, communicated to all, and in a way that individuals “buy into” will give you a far greater chance of success, whatever the situation.
Teamship Rules
  • Sir Clive’s teams lived and died by a set of Teamship Rules. In essence, he allowed the teams to create their own charter. The Leader presents an issue or challenge to the team, who then discuss it and come up with a solution and rule going forward.
  • Learning…Empower your teams to find solutions and to increase team dynamics…Light the blue touch paper and trust in your teams to fly to new heights! Attitude
  • The last secret was, simply, attitude…Perhaps the biggest single determining factor in any individual…and as a collective in team success.
  • Learning…Unless you develop people who share the right values & vision, working as one and with a shared attitude for success, you will never achieve best performance

Coming together is a beginning, staying together is progress, and working together is success.” Henry Ford