The best learnings come from life itself…

What has 2020 taught us? Listen here

We learn in many ways…In terms of how we learn, the phrase “Visual, auditory, kinesthetic and tactile” is commonly used.
We learn from others…we can be coached, mentored, learn on the job, and attend training courses.
Even when we consider the above, in the main, it’s fairly prescriptive…What could break the mould?

The appearance of Covid 19.
When urgency becomes the name of the game, it demonstrates that too often we have been hampered by the classic “We couldn’t possibly do that”.

First and foremost we became resourceful…Perhaps one of the most important attributes to have. We found new ways of doing things that previously would have been considered either impractical, impossible…or both!
No need for a business to spend £1,000 on ten train tickets for a meeting…Welcome to the new world of virtual meetings! Has business stopped? NO!

We, at Solution Focused, created our own studio within 48 hours to allow us to bring the most lifelike “LID”…Learning & Interactive Development to all of our clients…both existing and new.

Many have been told that working from home would not be possible! In Covid world, the need to commute to an office to send and receive emails became both unnecessary and also not allowed! Welcome to home working!

Organisations found new ways of creating an online presence, and one that when some normality returns will remain as an additional and alternative income stream.

Temporary hospitals were built in days…the homeless disappeared from the streets.
Pubs became general stores!

The phrase “that would be too difficult” became a phrase from the past…We have to do that became the new norm.

Let’s all learn from Covid 19!

“Believe in yourself, keep a can-do approach, struggle hard and watch success follow.”
― Mustafa Saifuddin