The qualities that great leaders have

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As we await the outcome of the leadership race in the Conservative Party, it’s worth reflecting on the qualities of great leaders.

First of all, consider the qualities of the leaders that you most admire. What makes them stand out? It will never be just one thing!
If we were to summarise very simply, one definition might be…
“Someone who has a strong vision and goal, knows how to motivate people around that goal, a good listener and who communicates in such a way that people know exactly what is required.” 

While there are many qualities, we have narrowed down to seven!
Empathetic…the ability to understand and feel what someone else is going through—the ability to put oneself in the shoes of another. This can relate to understanding your team better and even to then understanding how best to develop them as individuals.
Creativity…Being prepared and confident enough to find fresh solutions…better ways of working and being prepared to make changes when needed.
Accountability…A very important attribute. The ability to follow through on commitments and take ownership of situations including failures. A good leader with this quality can also inspire followers to take similar accountability for their actions.
A good delegator…knowing your people and tapping into their skills and strengths. The leader trusts the ability of their people to deliver and produce the necessary outcomes.
Vision…Having a clear idea of what is required, what success will look like, and communicating this in such a way that your people are fully committed and buy into the message.
Integrity…The quality of having strong moral values and honesty. Your people trust you and through your work ethic, see you as a role model.
Communication skills…the ability to get a message through to people, clearly and concisely…and at the right time. Similarly, being honest and realistic in your message.
Turning back to the two contenders for the Conservative leadership, how do you believe that they compare to the skills outlined…more importantly, how do you?

“The greatest leader is not necessarily the one who does the greatest things. He is the one that gets the people to do the greatest things.” 
Ronald Reagan