The return to work…post-holiday blues!!

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Holidays and more quality time with friends and family, allow us to escape the working stresses and explore other passions. Returning to reality after experiencing so much freedom can be difficult. It’s important though to determine if the feelings are permanent or temporary!

Initially, start establishing actionable short-term goals as part of your preparation, for your return to work. This will help to keep your mind focused on positive, realistic outcomes and get you moving mentally towards them. Make them exciting for you!

Look at your career plan and where you were heading for before your holiday (a career checklist can prove to be a great aid here). If you were thinking of pursuing a promotion in your current business or role, begin planning steps for how you can show your employers you are the candidate to consider. Reviewing your objectives and establishing your priorities will take your mind off any negative post-holiday feelings, give you a sense of empowerment and bring a fresh resolve that can help you dive back into your career. Involve your Line Manager in the process!

Start focusing on what you enjoy about your role. It will be plenty! Remind yourself of the things you look forward to when you’re at work, whether connecting with colleagues or delighting clients. What is that you enjoy most…what are your strengths…how can you build on this, and what areas do you perhaps need to work on…discussing and sharing with your Line Manager is important…consider getting feedback from your colleagues!

Holiday blues are undoubtedly an unpleasant experience affecting even the most dedicated employees. However, they usually disappear once you’re back doing work that you enjoy and get satisfaction from. But, if not…is the feeling more career/role centric as opposed to post holiday?

Is it time for a discussion with your Line Manager…if you are a valued employee, they certainly won’t want to lose you! Sit down together and scope out some thoughts about either it’s time for a new role within the business, or even additional responsibility! Being stuck in a rut, may be boredom!

We live our lives based in how we view ourselves and the outside world…change your thinking, change your behaviours, and plan some positive deliverable actions…you can make changes when you really want to”!

Take positive steps, you will have a lot to offer, reflect on all of your successes…be proud of your achievements…refocus, and plan, always aiming to be “Your best version of YOU”.

“If you have a positive mindset, you have the ability to change your whole world.”
Damien Thomas