The Untrained Leader….

And the consequences! Listen here

It’s time to find the next “Sales Manager” or “Head of Customer Service”. It’s easy, Tom is our best salesman, and Lucy is the best at delivering great Customer Service. No problem. Or is it?

A number of things can happen…The business loses its best salesman and the person who is the most skilled at offering great service. Two big holes, but no problem, if they can lead and inspire others to do the same!

The trouble with Tom, is that he is a bit single minded (it helps in sales) and knows all the tricks in the book…overlooked by his existing Manager as he brought the business in!
Meanwhile, Lucy, is a little bit naïve, but Customers warmed to her innocence, lovely smile, and ability to go above and beyond.

Ask yourself, are these the two that you want to lead and inspire their teams. Both with the ability to selflessly deliver more than the sum of the parts, and have the confidence to stand up and lead from the front?
It is commonly accepted that the three biggest failings on the business of poor leadership are…

  • Lack of motivation and engagement within the teams
  • High staff turnover
  • Lack of any impact on the staff culture…contribution to the company vision, meaning that progress is static.
Its strange then than many organisations don’t have a clear strategy to offer training for their people when promoted into a “Leadership Role”. Consider then the difference when new Leaders are correctly developed…
  • Better productivity
  • Better staff retention and engagement
  • Better decision making
  • The ability of the new Leader to thrive and grow….AND to develop the next Leaders!
The question then becomes, how do I develop my Leaders. We can help with that…simple advice and guidance or a full programme to ensure that your Leaders thrive and develop!

“A bad leader can take a good staff and destroy it, causing the best employees to flee and the remainder to lose all motivation.”