The word “Impossible” is not in The Leaders dictionary.
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One of our recent articles featured “visionary leadership” …part of that explained that leaders had to have a compelling picture of the future, and one that others can picture and buy into!

Do Leaders consider goals and targets that they feel are achievable, or will they be brave and challenge the norm? This might also require taking some of your people outside of their “comfort zones.”

Often the impossible is considered just that because…so many people have tried and failed, or no one is brave enough to give it a try. Leaders need to take a considered approach…Risk V Reward.

Some areas to consider…
Focus can help you handle possible distractions while achieving major objectives. When you give your attention to the most important aspects, success will follow.

Total PMA is needed. Inspiring leaders use positivity to motivate their team to achieve goals, to work to their potential, and exceed expectations. You should exhibit positivity at all times, and in particular during difficult situations, and given the title of this article, overcoming obstacles on the journey…You just have to find ways around them!

Risk Taking has to be included. Leaders regularly encounter challenges…some will be significant. Leaders need to know when to embrace the challenge and when to consider alternative options on the journey, while still getting to the intended place.

Your People. You have to have a team that is with you all of the way. You need to have your teams working as “one” and to encourage your people to accomplish seemingly impossible tasks.

Ultimately, impossible is not in the Leaders dictionary, and simply for a number of reasons. They know that working together, they will find a way.
Their belief is that impossible is just that, until someone finds a way! They want to be that person…Do you?

“So many of our dreams at first seem impossible, then they seem improbable, and then, when we summon the will, they soon become inevitable.”
Christopher Reeve