Time to welcome a summer break…

We all need some downtime! Listen here

The analogy that I am about to make applies to all of us! In addition to working in business, my work takes me into the world of sport and athletics. In October I fly to Kenya to be with a group of elite athletes…some are featuring in the current Olympics. My point!…

When we train, we stretch and stress our body…we need rest and recovery before we go again. This applies to the world of business equally. We need breaks in a number of ways…during the day, the weekends, and longer breaks. This way we are able to return with our minds refreshed and we feel invigorated to refocus and go again!

Many people find it difficult to let go. They feel that they have to stay in touch with the business…but to what effect? The mind never has any proper downtime which means that in the longer term, we won’t be as efficient as we could or should be! The office will be there when you get back. Most of us work in teams. What does it say about our own people if we can’t trust in them? Are they empowered? Have they been briefed ahead of your holiday, given the opportunity to step up to the plate in your absence? Are they excited by the new responsibility? A chance to shine.

Technology has changed our worlds and in the main for the better! Sadly, the ease of access to the office is there for all of us, making it all to easy to stay in touch…to answer some questions, to make some decisions and then this escalates.

There is a current debate about organisations being banned from contacting employees while out of the office…strong words, yet akin to an infringement of civil liberties! The point being…” you are on holiday”!

Tell yourself…I work hard, I have deserved my break and I am going to come back refreshed and invigorated! Enjoy your well-earned holiday and let your mind and body recover. You owe it to yourself…Of course, you may want to consider…. did the world survive before technology? There is your answer.

Turn of your laptops, forget social media and enjoy your summer breaks!

Remember that in order to be productive you also have to focus on relaxation.”
Bogdan Ivanov