Turning anger into action!

What must happen? Listen here

Statistics tell us that 65% of office workers have experienced office rage, and that 45% of workers regularly lose their temper at work.

Why do we lose our tempers? It’s usually, because of how we interpret and react to situations. Our own personalities will have our own internal triggers but commonly it will result from:

  •      Feeling threatened
  •      Feeling frustrated or powerless
  •      Feeling that we are being treated unfairly
  •      Feeling that we are not respected

Notice that each is prefaced with the word “feeling”. Our conditioning and our own internal self-talk drives beliefs, in turn our attitudes, and then our “feelings and emotions”. Does this then mean that in part that our own beliefs and perceptions of the outside world are in part to blame?

Consider the words, frustrated…powerless…treated unfairly…not respected…Does employees anger then in part reflect badly on the management? Its fair to say that improving our own self talk…hindering to helpful will make a huge difference…Similarly, leadership that listens, consults, and empowers will negate the emotions that cause the employees to implode!

Turning to the headline,” What has to happen”? Consider the following:
1.    Take a few deep breaths and think carefully about the given situation
2.    Do nothing until you feel mentally in control
3.    Use a friend as a sounding board…And then…!
4.   CHANNEL your emotions into something positive. An action that you want to achieve…Use this determination to your advantage.
5.    PLAN the changes that you intend making to self-improve
6.    DOUBLE CHECK…This is the right action!
7.    EXECUTE the plan once you are happy that you are in control and that the plan is the correct one
8.    FULL STEAM AHEAD…Once back in control, believe and don’t rethink!
Act when you are rationale, plan and execute, but once decided…Don’t look back!

“When anger rises, think of the consequences.”