Using your time wisely

September may get busier! Listen here

While none of us fully know how September might look, there is every chance that it will get busier!
More people return from furlough, and business tries to kickstart the economy.

There are two points to make. The first is how you have used any of your free time in recent months if you have been furloughed. This unique period will have evoked many different moods. While doubtless, we will all have experienced a range of changing emotions, it has allowed for new opportunity…new skills learned…cooking, painting…perhaps writing a book.

The second point is now more critical…How to use the final weeks ahead of either a return to work, or an anticipated move back to more normality.

For those that have been furloughed for a lengthy period, there will be the need to mentally readjust. A time to start to get back into a more customary working day…Ready for work at 8.30…Earlier if a commute is needed…Are you prepared for the commute, and public transport?

Start to think about your role…What parts do you relish, and how to you want to excel, likewise help the company…What challenges do you envisage, and how might you handle those on both a personal level and also what ideas that you may have to help the business.

Which areas are you less happy with…How can you change these…With a lengthy period away from work, its natural to reflect on this part…Similarly, a chance to discuss with your Line Manager. There may be the chance for new beginnings in your role.

Consider your colleagues, this will be strange for everyone. How will you help your pals…A shoulder of strength, creating a team of like-minded individuals…There to support each other.

If not personally furloughed, but anticipating a busier spell to come…Are you prepared? Can the business cope? Are the right people in the right places? Is your supply chain up to speed?  Does everyone know what to expect and do they bring fresh ideas during this period?

In these most uncertain of tines, the need for strong leadership and effective communication is going to be vitally important…Be prepared!
Fail to prepare…Prepare to fail!

“Be the change that you wish to see in the world”
Mahatma Gandhi